Starting from scratch in the stock market guided by Online Trading School.

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to start trading stocks now!

Who is this course for:

Beginners who want to accelerate their learning curve.

For beginning traders and intermediate level traders who are not yet consistently profitable. Anyone who wants to learn the key concepts of stock analysis needed to become successful in trading and investing.

On top of that, the academy will provide personal tricks, techniques and views on the stock market to accelerate your learning journey.

Online Crypto trading school

Your skills in investing and trading stocks with the Stocks academy

You will learn both technical and fundamental analysis of the stocks you trade. You understand the influence of the economic calendar and fundamental events to understand at first glance unexpected movements in the market and their impact on stock prices. You learn very quickly to filter out the right stocks among the thousands and thousands of stocks out there.

You will also become an expert in reading charts. This means knowing how to recognize the best chart patterns and candle patterns and how to use the best technical indicators to buy and sell stocks at the ideal levels.

We also cover techniques for risk management(risk management) and money management so you know exactly how much to buy or sell in each trade and where to take profits “take profit” and place your “stop losses” to minimize risk.

We go beyond other trading courses and even cover trading psychology (mindset), which has a huge impact on your performance in trading!

Briefly, what will you learn:

Online Crypto trading school

Define your own trading strategy

Get access to the right information to develop your own strategy that works best for you.

Online Crypto trading school

Choosing the right stocks

We teach you how to filter to the stocks that have the greatest potential for nice growth.

Online Crypto trading school

Dealing with risk management

Trading also comes with losses. With risk management we teach you how your profits outweigh your losses so that you protect your investment as much as possible. It is therefore one of the most important topics in this forex academy.

Online Crypto trading school

Working on your mindset

Trading can be very emotional because this is about your money. We teach you how to deal with FOMO and GREED so that you disconnect from the emotional and you act according to your analysis and not your emotions.

Online Crypto trading school

Different forms of trading

We introduce you to the different types of trading in such a way that you can determine your own style of trading.

Online Crypto trading school

Which tools are best to use

There are numerous tools available on the net to help you in analysis, calculations and tracking of your trades. We also introduce you to scanners and trade ideas to help you with analysis

What other courses are there

Online Crypto trading school


In the FOREX trading school you will learn everything about the forex market. Instead of just crypto the focus here is on trading with currency pairs (foreign currencies), indices, metals, oil but also crypto is covered. You look at the different trading styles: scalping, intraday trading, swing trading and investing and we help with the trading style that suits you best. The economic calendar and fundamental events are covered and you become an expert in reading charts. Risk management and mindset are also an important part.

Online Crypto trading school


In the CRYPTOtradingschool you will learn all about the crypto market. In this academy you will learn how to invest and trade in crypto currencies. Among other things you will learn how to set up a safe wallet, how to strike, all about metaverse and NFTs and of course you will also get tips and tricks to trade in the crypto market. Risk management and mindset are also an important part.