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Online Crypto trading school

TRADINGVIEW Stock screener

With Tradingview stock screener you use filters to create a shortlist of stocks to investigate further. For Stocktradingschool this is the first step in finding a good investment.

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Online Crypto trading school


With Tradingview chart+ you can follow the price movements of your favorite stocks. It gives you the tools to determine your own trading strategies. Fib extensions, patterns, retracement and so much more. An absolute MUST HAVE for any trader who wants to anticipate the volatility of the market and grow his investment.

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Online Crypto trading school


Even more so than in the other financial markets, news has an enormous influence on the price. Around the time news is spread, it is best to stay away from the stock in question.

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Online Crypto trading school


If a share publishes its “earnings report” or other “events”, this always has an effect on the share price. You should take this into account in your investment strategy. We use the calendar from finance.yahoo.com for this. Of course others are also available.

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